Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Week!

This week we have had a lot going on in my Home and at the Thrift Store we will be having a big yard sale there Saterday! I'm so excited its fun, busy and we meet a lot of people which is awesome and the kids love to hang out there so because we have been running around this week yesterday I stayed home and had a fun day with the kids playing outside, swimming and making Jell-O and banana shakes they loved it so much and I loved doing it all for them :)

Kissing her boo boo

she loved it :)

Please pray for the yard sale tomorrow!Pray that everything runs smoothly and most importantly that Our Heavenly Father is glorified and shines through all of us. Pray that all the fliers past out bring lots of people Thank you guys for stopping by, have a blessed weekend. Amen

Monday, September 26, 2011

Family time !

So this past weekend was such an amazing blessing God opened the door for My mother in law, sister Ayana and Grandma to come visit us. Thomas and I were so excited to have them over and so were the kids they love them so much it was the first time they came here and seen our sweet home and were we are living and serving our heavenly Father they loved it and we loved having them. We all did a lot of cooking and eating lol:) and just hanging out talking about our Lord! Which is the best, we took them to the thrift store of course! , the outlets and Lake Tahoe. We truly Thank the Lord for family time it's always nice to spend time together.

  ~God bless you and Thank you all for stoping by~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Snack time!

Both my kids love snack time but Tommy gets super stoked about it he is funny, He says Yay mommy whats for snack today? Wow weee, what a blessing Thank you Jesus! For snack time I cant wait til snack time Yummy, yummy. But today he said mommy your the best at snack time Lol, I said I am, what about nap time? he says No nap time stinks! We both started laughing so hard they both are so funny they make me laugh so much
I have the best kids ever and I love to enjoy every moment with them

Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Izzy

Please  continue to pray for our lil Izzy today she got her shot and tomorrow she will be getting X-Rays done on her lil legs she did great to day pray that tomorrow goes smooth as will ill keep you all updated God bless you all I pray you all have a blessed week

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabric flowers

On Saterday we will be saling more head-bands and hair clips i will be making some brooches also because I think they are so cute on a plane  top or jacket ill post on that later here are some pics if you can please continue to pray for the Lord to bless the sales we have been doing every month and also every day at the Trift store! I will be saling the tutus with matching head-bands once and awhile and this winter blankets!!!! so excited about it.
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