Monday, September 26, 2011

Family time !

So this past weekend was such an amazing blessing God opened the door for My mother in law, sister Ayana and Grandma to come visit us. Thomas and I were so excited to have them over and so were the kids they love them so much it was the first time they came here and seen our sweet home and were we are living and serving our heavenly Father they loved it and we loved having them. We all did a lot of cooking and eating lol:) and just hanging out talking about our Lord! Which is the best, we took them to the thrift store of course! , the outlets and Lake Tahoe. We truly Thank the Lord for family time it's always nice to spend time together.

  ~God bless you and Thank you all for stoping by~


  1. Thank u LOrd for family! Great pictures ;) love u

  2. Thanks it was so nice to have them come over for the weekend and cook for them and love on them. we just wanted to spoil them. for the three days they came. its such a long drive here


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