Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabric flowers

On Saterday we will be saling more head-bands and hair clips i will be making some brooches also because I think they are so cute on a plane  top or jacket ill post on that later here are some pics if you can please continue to pray for the Lord to bless the sales we have been doing every month and also every day at the Trift store! I will be saling the tutus with matching head-bands once and awhile and this winter blankets!!!! so excited about it.


  1. Those r adorable! I'm glad your gonna do the matching headbands for the tutus! Great idea! God will bless it, just watch ;) I wish we totally lived closer!!!! We could totally have our own little shop!!! Maybe someday ;) It sucks cause knowbody is crafty around here ;( Oh well! Anyways I'm happy for u! Love you!

  2. Right! Amen thanks God bless praying for you guys


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