Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Snack time!

Both my kids love snack time but Tommy gets super stoked about it he is funny, He says Yay mommy whats for snack today? Wow weee, what a blessing Thank you Jesus! For snack time I cant wait til snack time Yummy, yummy. But today he said mommy your the best at snack time Lol, I said I am, what about nap time? he says No nap time stinks! We both started laughing so hard they both are so funny they make me laugh so much
I have the best kids ever and I love to enjoy every moment with them


  1. so cute! Great pictures too! love your last couple posts! How are you?

  2. Thaank the Lord we are doing good thaank you, we Have a lot going on, I'll be sending u an email some time this week love ya sister God bless


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