Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black- berrys Yummy

Our Heavenlly Father is so awesome!!! and so worthy to be praised  We I took the kids out to play and do some more yard work and discoverd Black-berrys in our back yard  LOL I was so excited about it Tommy loved eating them also on his chocolate pudding after dinner and so did I , Izabelle not so much:) its amazing how God blesses use in such ways
                     God bless you all and have a blessed rest of the week Amen

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Potty training

she was so excited to pick out her big girl toilet



Tommy tring to help her

We let Tommy pick out new boxers since Izzy Got her new toilet LOL
Izabelle used the toilet we are so proud of her! it was all her idea last night to hope on and used the big girl toilet lol please pray for her during this time. she is 17 months  and also pray for Tommy he says he wants a toilet too lol and is pretty upset about not having one. God bless you and you familys

Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie night in Izzys room

They love having movie night we always have it in the living room so when we said we were  having it in Izzys room they were very excited about it lol we even let Tommy sleep in her room that night just to make there Saterday night a lil more interisting and fun for them, as we stood around the corner listening to them talk or shoul i say listening to Tommy and Izzy try lol here are some  pics Amen

      God bless you

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Princess Pillow for Our little Princess

Last night I made Lil Izabelle a Disney Princess Pillow it was pretty fun and i was so excited to give it to her this morning when she woke up! Tommy was so happy for her I loved it he said "Yay mommy now Izzy has a Princess pillow and I have my Buzz Light Gear pillow that is so cute mommy" lol he is so funny. Here are picture of our morning! today ~ God bless you all

Friday, July 8, 2011

We started our little Garden

This week we all went out side and played in the dirt, planted some veggies and had alot of fun the kids truly enjoyed it and so did me and Tom . Lil Tommy is so excited and cant wait to see everything grow he has been helping me water them everynight im hoping it will also help him eat alot more veggies also but we'll  see :) and as for Izzy she just had fun putting dirt in a bucket almost the whole time we were out there lol.
Some things we planted were:
3 different kinds of  tamatos
Bell pepper
baby watermelon
and some Dill

Please pray for our  little Garden to be a sweet success Thank you and have a blessed weekend

Monday, July 4, 2011

We are back home

Back from VACATION we had a blast in San Franciso, it was a very big blessing for us to be able to get away and have some awesome family time. Words can no express how Greatul we truly and we Thank are Heavenly Father so much for spoiling his lil Childern  Amen. I sure did take alot of pictures and will be posting some of them some time this week I would like to say thank you to Pastor Mario and his wife Eva who came up here and spent some time here with us and will we were gone. Tommy sure did love having boy time with little Sammy! and is still asking when he is coming to our house lol. Here are just a few pics Go bless
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