Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tommy is going thro this stage were he wants to Help, Help, Help lol and of corse do everything by him self so I have been letting him help me make him and Izabelle lunch and it just totally blesses he's heart so much he loves it! and I love that he has that heart to want to help me. It might take a little longer to get things done but at the end of the day its not about how much I get done in the house but how much time I spend with my childern there not going to be this little forever and there will be a day that i miss all the cute and amazing things they do right now. I try to remind my self that every time things get a little crazy around here lol That and that God will never give me more then I can handle, Thank you Jesus.   So enjoy your beautiful lil blessings God has intrusted you with and remember they are only little for a season charish every second of it God bless you all

Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Devotion and Prayer

I thank the Lord above for the special one on one time that I personally Get to spend with the Lord! Even thro the busyness of everyday life with being a wife mother and serving along side my husband in this beautiful ministry  I truly cant stress strongly enough how important it is for us to have that quit time with Our heavenly Father.
When we have a great relationship with God everything else falls in  place like our relationship with the ones we love our husbands, childern and other family and of corse our church body!! which is so important. Our Lord wants us to spend time with him pray to him love on him and live our lives for him Amen, So lift up your heart to the Lord Amen . Yes when my days are crazy I dont spend as much time as I would love to spend with him but when I do get thoughs  GREAT DAYS in my word and in prayer  I feel so awesome and revived which makes perfect sence because his word is our living and breathing water if we cant live with out H2o what makes us think we can ever live with out the word of God.
                                  ~ God bless you all and have a wonderful week~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

bath time

Both Tommy and Izabelle have been loving bath time here at our new place they both get so excited about it, Izabelle actually starts cring every night when I pull her out and Tommy asks (Is it time totae a bath) about 5 times a day lol :-\  for the last 6 months they have been taking showers lol Thank You sweet Jesus for the little things in life Amen. I Pray You all have a wonderful weekend with your familys and enjoy every moment with them.       
                                                ~ God Bless You all Truly ~

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Praise The Lord For Our New Place!!!


He was so happy that he had his own room

Down stairs

she was hiding in her closet!!

This is a praise report! ! Thank you all for you prayers for my family! I am truly greatful for the home that God has blessed us with and im so exicted to feel it with the love of Jesus! My cup is over flowing with joy and happeness right now. God truly never ceases to amaze me with all that he does in our lifes as we have die to  our selfesh desires and follow him I have to say that the last 6 months have had there trials and im sure more to come LOL but through it all God has been so faithful, he has brought me and Thomas so far in our lifes with each other our childern and in our walk with him!!! I ask that you all would continue to pray for my family as we continue to serve him Please pray that all of our priorities be in perfect order and that God will be the ruler of all our hearts. Pray that through the busyness of life that we would always have time alone with our heavenly father each and every day (first thing in the morning to be exact), Thank you all once agin Amen. Here are the pics of our new place that some of my friends and family have asked for God bless you all and remember to continue to put God first above all. These pics are from the first day!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

U Turn For Christ thrift store

This past saterday the thrift store had a big sale, The day was beautiful and the sale was awesome thank all of you for you prayers for this minestry and I ask that you please continue to pray for the men going through U-Turn right now! and that they would be change and  our awsome Lord and saver would have his way in there hearts.
I also ask that you would pray for wisdom, strenght and diligence in all our leadership daily,and that The Lord would bring more men in to U-turn for Christ Camino and of course please pray for a womans ranch in Gods timing Amen
Josh-Hotdogs and hambergers

Pastor Thomas


My father in law /head overseer

My Lil spiderman

God bless you!!!
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