Monday, August 15, 2011

We have dicided -Homeschool-

Ever since I got pregnant with With lil Tommy I have been praying about homeschooling lol it was so hard for me I would go back and forth yes! no! yes then no, no, no,  With turning 4 this year both me and Tom just really prayed hard together asking God for his guidance  and his dirction God is so faithful in everything and right when we need it He gives us the answer! I will be truthful and say it wasnt the answer I was looking for lol but He also fills us with the disire to do so Amen. I am very excited about it now and have found so many mommys and homeschooling blogs to fill me with so much wisdom about it . God is so amazing when you trust in him and pray he not only just gave us the answer about homeschooling but he placed everything in order that he new I would need for this journey! I sincerly would like to thank all my friends who prayed for me about this and I ask that you all would continue to pray for me in this area

                     God Bless!


  1. I wish u the best of luck and pray God blesses it! Stay strong, remain diligent and persevere cause it'll get hard and probably frustrating at times. When those times come, just remember God has called u to do this and He'll give u the strength! Love u!

  2. wow! Awesome! I will pray for you when I think of it! I would love to see what sites you found! Tre is 4 and he is not going to school yet. Although, I think we have decided the the things he learns at home are enough for a 4 year old... sharing, loving, caring, chores, playing, etc. Don't get me wrong I try to teach them all day long, but just through the everyday life haps and interaction with siblings, friends, grocery store, etc. Being in education I have had so many k5 teachers tell me that preschool can burn kids out! I am not trying to discourage you from homeschooling at all! I am trying to encourage you that this year k4 year keep it fun, stress free, and don't feel bad if you miss a day or two or three! I know you love your kids! Continue to love them and teach them the things of the Lord and wisdom for life, but don't feel obligated by the weight of having to have a regimented schedule! That's the beauty of homeschooling!!! Enjoy it! The kids will learn to LOVE to learn and that is the goal! I always pray my kids would LOVE to learn so that they would LOVE to learn God's word and His ways! I pray that over your children now! Love ya sista! Way to be a wonderful woman of God and mommy! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks so much I will email you the sites for sure yes I have heard and read the same thing I want to keep it all fun for him so that he always loves to learn learn learn I would hate for him to get tired of it and not want to do it a lot of home schooling mommys say the same thing and yes that is the beauty of homeschooling the schedual that's the first thing Thomas said lol and I'm so excited about it , right now we spend a whole week on 2 letters and 2 numbers just knowing what they are and look like about 10 min a day . Other then that painting coloring and playing in durt lol the things he loves the most , thanks so much God bless


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