Friday, August 5, 2011

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Ok so I just started reading a really Good book called Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes my husband has read Disciplines of a Godly Man a few times and iv been really wanting to read this book and im so blessed to finally be able to do so and I thought that I would share what I got out of the first chapter its called (Discipline for Godliness) when I read that I thought ok im totally in for it LOL! but it was an amazing chapter it talks about having the discipline to put God first before any thing else in your every day.  Disciplining your self to dumping out what is stoping you from doing so! the Dead weight! I loVE  the was she said it "No pain no Gain" we are like Athletes in traing! which is so true. This Chapter touched my heart even more because she said as weman we seem to be able to disapline our selves when it comes to exercise! but not with God which i will admit in the last few weeks that has been me all the way I will run the 2 miles first then go and read the word and i use the excuse that I have to do that first because it will just be to hot later! lol but after this chapter i will be getting back on track, God first then everything else Amen and im so greatful for books like this one and so many more that give me such a good spank in the butt  lol which we all need some times to get back on track . Yes discipline is not so much fun but so worth it in the end and I want my kids to see that mommy always put God first in each and everyday with reading her word and also with serving him Because I am there example i have the great gift of being a stay at home busy  mommy So am going back into the baby room once a week lol just like I use to at  my home church. and I am so excited about it because serving in the church is were I made  the best friends that Love the Lord and serving him just as much as I do. Yes it is gonna take alot of Disciplne but will worth it in the end .
God bless and have a great weekend and week

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