Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They loved throwing them at Daddy

She has know fear it Drives me crazy

she will go down the slide over and over

my sweet Tommy

her way of swinging

story time in mommy and daddys room

Tommys sad face when I said he had to get out of my room lol

Wow we  had so much going on last week but this weekend we just spent time at home with the kids it was all about them lol and they loved it ! So we played out side ALOT we had water balloon fights and felt up there pool they had a blast here are a few pictures!~  God bless you all And enjoy your sweet babies ! they are only little for such a short time Amen !


  1. so cute! Looks like they had fun! miss you, enjoy the rest of the summer :|

  2. so great! Nothing like daddy time, huh! P.S. love your bed spread ;) we had one just like it before we had to sell our king size bed and get a queen. good taste :) lol

  3. We have had a great summer but totally excited for the winter lol miss you to eva
    Jewels I was looking for this bed spread for ever I was so happy when I finally found it lol I love it! God bless you both Amen


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