Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Devotion and Prayer

I thank the Lord above for the special one on one time that I personally Get to spend with the Lord! Even thro the busyness of everyday life with being a wife mother and serving along side my husband in this beautiful ministry  I truly cant stress strongly enough how important it is for us to have that quit time with Our heavenly Father.
When we have a great relationship with God everything else falls in  place like our relationship with the ones we love our husbands, childern and other family and of corse our church body!! which is so important. Our Lord wants us to spend time with him pray to him love on him and live our lives for him Amen, So lift up your heart to the Lord Amen . Yes when my days are crazy I dont spend as much time as I would love to spend with him but when I do get thoughs  GREAT DAYS in my word and in prayer  I feel so awesome and revived which makes perfect sence because his word is our living and breathing water if we cant live with out H2o what makes us think we can ever live with out the word of God.
                                  ~ God bless you all and have a wonderful week~


  1. Amen! Our Heavenly Father must be on the thrown of our hearts! Love it! Thanks!


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