Monday, October 3, 2011

Cricut fun with Tommy

Today me and Tommy played with the cricut and  made some really easy sweet cards for some really sweet women:) at chruch, Tommy cant wait to give them there cards.  He also helped mommy put our flags outside
He loves to make faces at the camera

Glue Glue Glue


I also cut out alot of things that have to do with this lovely season and had him glue them all on a piece of paper as we talked about what they are and why the leaves turn orange and brown and how pumpkins fully  grow during this time he is so smart and loves to learn new things everyday he is gonna give it to the Lovely Lady who watches him on Thursday during a wemons bible study we have this  he loves all the ladys that watch him at what ever church we attend lol he is so cute he says "wow mommy that lady is my new best friend" lol for thoughs of you who dont know we go to ALOT of different churchs which was hard for both of my little ones at first but now they are both so out going and fit right in know matter were we go I love it.                            God bless you all this week  Amen


  1. cute cards! i love your table cover...its so cute!

  2. Thank you sooo much I am so excited about this season Thank the Lord !
    My hubby got me this table cover which I'm so grateful lol You seen the other one. And I made the cards with ( stretch your imagination ) got it on eBay I love that it has all 4 seasons on it love you God bless


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