Monday, July 4, 2011

We are back home

Back from VACATION we had a blast in San Franciso, it was a very big blessing for us to be able to get away and have some awesome family time. Words can no express how Greatul we truly and we Thank are Heavenly Father so much for spoiling his lil Childern  Amen. I sure did take alot of pictures and will be posting some of them some time this week I would like to say thank you to Pastor Mario and his wife Eva who came up here and spent some time here with us and will we were gone. Tommy sure did love having boy time with little Sammy! and is still asking when he is coming to our house lol. Here are just a few pics Go bless


  1. awe we had fun too and im so happy that you guys had a great vacation! sammy cant talk yet but i know he misses wrestling with Tommy! lol love you and had a great time making flowers with you and staying up till midnight! thanks for introducing me to emoji :0)


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