Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black- berrys Yummy

Our Heavenlly Father is so awesome!!! and so worthy to be praised  We I took the kids out to play and do some more yard work and discoverd Black-berrys in our back yard  LOL I was so excited about it Tommy loved eating them also on his chocolate pudding after dinner and so did I , Izabelle not so much:) its amazing how God blesses use in such ways
                     God bless you all and have a blessed rest of the week Amen


  1. that's awesome! PRaise Jesus! Yum! It looks great! Oh the fun of potty training! :) I am working on a post right now about that :) Hope all is well! Blessings! Love the pics of the kids in the room so cuddly :) adorable!

  2. thats so cool!!! sammy loves blackberries too! to bad were not there:) love u guys...xoxox

  3. Thanks So much Jewelie Yay I can't wait to see Your Post on potty Training!!! My Izzy is being so funny about it. she will Not pee in the toilet Just poop lol but its a start i just keep talking to her about it. God bless you Guys love you

    @ Eva, that is awesome Tommy loves them but Izzy not so much:( You know you can come over here when ever!!Amen love you Guys


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