Tuesday, February 14, 2012

20 sweet Love Reminders

Hello everyone, Happy Valentines Day
  1. Til Him (I love you) lots
  2. Kiss each other more
  3. Cook his favorite meals often
  4. Go for walks together
  5. as his help mate help him be the best at what God has called him to be
  6. Stair into each others eyes and hold hands
  7. Take advantage of alone time together
  8. Light candles at night when the kiddos are sleeping
  9. Take a bubble bath  together
  10. Get dressed up for no reason at all
  11. Send HIM! flowers 
  12. Take him lunch at his at work
  13. Put love notes in his pockets or lunch box :)
  14.  Put some perfume on more often
  15. read to him
  16. Sit on his lap
  17. listen to his dreams
  18. Listen to classic music and cuddle
  19. make there never be a day your not thinking of blessing him
  20. Send him an email


    1. They're sweet ideas to choose from that your partner would like :) I wouldn't send my boyfriend flowers, he thinks he's too manly for that! haha

    2. Lol yea I haven't done that one yet ether haha ;)

    3. Aw these are cute!! I love sending my husband with love notes from me when he travels for business!! :)


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