Saturday, December 3, 2011


Ahhh! I dont know about you but it seems like it takes forever to get a good Family Picture LOL , specially with to little ones who can not stay focused very long at all I think this year was harder then last
But i truly pray next year wont be so hard :) my little boy tommy loves to make faces at the camera and of course show off his spider man moves, as for my sweet Izabelle she loves to look everywere else BUT the camera and dance her little feet around all over the place,  my dear husband and I were practically working! sweatin just trying to get a good Chris~mas  picture lol
after all this I wondered does anyone else struggle like we do to get a good picture! ;-)
Here are some of the pictures we took Just some lol God bless you all this December

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  1. Hey, sweet lady...I left a little "award" for you on my blog. I wanted to include you 'cause you're so precious to leave me such sweet comments!!!


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