Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out to eat with the Family

We dont really eat out much so when we do, We all get pretty excited about it lol it sounds silly but Thank You Lord for the little things in life right. So we when to Island bugers its been such a long  time since we'v been there and we love there burgers:)
and of course love spending time with each other talking to one another,these kids are a crack up they say the funniest things ever! and tommy is total camera hog, Every time he sees the camera he says take a picture of me doing this or take a picture of me making this face or that lol exc..
she only took a bite out of 2 crayons (not bad) there were for in the pack      

That shine is his Halo lol hahaha

My sweet boy:)

Take a pic of us making mad faces at each other mommy

Izzy making faces at Daddy

As for my sweet Izabelle we have been taking her out now for almost 2 months with out a diper She decided she didnt want to use the toilet this day and had 3!!!! accidents yup thats right 3!!! Lol the Joy of Mother-Hood Thank God I keep 4 outfits in the car. and how can I get upset with her she is only 20 months and each time she would say (Oops mommy accident sorry!~ Sorry Mommy) it just melt my heart all 3! times lol


  1. What a beautiful family you have! I can't remember the last time I enjoyed an Island's burger. Oh how I miss that place. We used to live in Southern California but have since moved to Pennsylvania and I haven't seen Island's out here. You have a great blog! :)


  2. Thank you soo much, we used to live in southren California a year go and Island burgers was just down the street from our Place!!! what a blessing that was , now its about 45min drive :( lol but so worth it
    Thanks for joining my blog God bless U


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