Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wow 16 months already!

Our sweet little Girl is now 16 months and has such a sweet heart! We enjoy seeing her Grow  her personality  is so adorable I took some pictures here at Grandmas house with her playing with her bracelets she is so girly I love it. She has to put every single one on her wrist and also around her ankles lol She was so blessed to see that when we all got to Grandmas house her Aunt Ayanna had a whole box full of bracelets how sweet is that. She loves me to dress her up play with mommy and daddys hats and shoes  she truly is a little princess.
Some  Sweet Things Gods Little Princess Is Doing

Words she is saying: Daddy~Mommy~Juice~Thank You
 Trying to say ~Whats that! LOL and There she is !
Walking, running, dancing, climming
She loves to laugh and play with her brother alot
Loves bathtime and story time but is not so happy when i put her in her bed:)
but still has know poblem sleeping through the night Praise the Lord
and loves coloring and arts and crafts time already because she
acting like a big girl and loves it!!
She likes to help clean and pick up her toys and be involved in everything LOL
thro out the day

Please continue to pray for her as she continues to grow so fast and learn and do so much I love the age that she is at but the time sure does fly by quick huh!
                        God Bless You all


  1. Time does go by fast! So pretty :) love the bangs! Can't wait for Alexandra to be that age:) love ya!

  2. Amen thanks so much! Ya lil Alex will be walking in no time can't wait to see her God bless


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