Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some things I made!

Alicia's Tutu

I made this to hang in Izzys room for all the flowers I made for her hair
For the summer

A hair band for The 4th of July very easy to make.
I am so excited to go visit all my friends and family back at home. But I couldnt leave until I finished Alicia's little tutu lol i just love this little girl so much and since It was just me and Izabelle at home I was blessed to be able to have the time to get it DONE!! Yay:) Me and my friend Rosie have been friends for a long time we were both pregnant at the same time with Tommy and Ali Cat and she has just been such wonderful friend to have she has prayed for me, Pushed me and even rebuked me when needed and I truly love her and her beautiful family she has always been there for me to talk to when needed and even cry LOL so here are some pictures of the Tutu and also some other things Iv made I always for get how easy it is to have one baby in the house lol Amen       ~God bless you all~

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